September 27, 2017

Post Run Snacks

Great running foodWhen running you burn up a lot of energy which is exactly what you want. It’s great for the heart, your muscles, metabolism and weight management. However you need to ensure you put enough calories in and the right ones, pre and post running. This blog aims to give you some ideas of things to eat post run.

One of the golden rules Run Rabbit promotes is eating within an hour of finishing your run. This ensures you replace energy into your muscles quickly so they can recover and you can get back out running again and feel fantastic. It’s important to get a good mix of simple carbs and a small amount of protein, typically 4:1, for muscle repair; go easy on the protein, you need good carbs primarily.

Here are some of our suggested yummy post run snacks:

  • Banana and few almonds, i.e. 3 or 4 – great for carbs, fibre and a bit of protein in the nuts
  • Other fruit, e.g. apples, melon, berries but do try to have a few nuts with it. If you don’t like nuts or are allergic to nuts try chia seeds. [Read more...]