September 27, 2017

Steak and Cocoa Butter

Carbs are great for running training and in the build-up to a race but protein is really important too so that we keep our muscles strong and repaired. How much protein you should have a day depends on many things such as weight, gender, what you are trying to achieve etc. but my rule of thumb is 1g for each kg of body weight. Remember this is very generalist.

Steak cooked in Cocoa Butter

Something I eat, on occasion, is fillet steak with salad which is great for a protein kick. A 200g eye fillet steak will provide approximately 52g protein.

I normally cook my steaks with olive oil but I have recently discovered cocoa butter and decided to give this a kick; olive oil is fine to use as long as it isn’t overheated. If overheated olive oil can change its structure which can be damaging to us. Cocoa butter comes in a powder form so throw it in a pan and fry the steaks as you would normally do so. Cocoa butter heats to 200 degrees easilyl so you get a great all round seal without burning it. Once I have fried on each side for a few minutes I then chuck the pan in the oven for five minutes then stand for a few minutes to get a wonderful, juicy, medium steak.


Steak cooked in cocoa butter with saladI serve my steak with salad, toasted pinenuts, balsamic glaze and a few olives and stuffed pepperdews on the side. Olives are great too as they are full on antioxidants. To keep on the chocolate theme I grated some raw chocolate over the salad and steak so the dish had that slight bitter, chocolate taste – delicious!

The brand of cocoa butter I use is Callebaut Mycryo and is available from some health stores and specialty chocolate shops and from Sissys Bix.