September 27, 2017

But I’m a walker!

Scenery when walkingSome people just don’t want to run, or coming at it from a different angle, prefer to walk.  Walking is fantastic and below are a few reasons why it is so good for you.

Personally I love walking; I combine this with running to mix up what I do, get some variety and work my muscles slightly differently. I find it is also very sociable which I don’t get from running,  when running I put my music on and go.  One of the best feelings is being tired and slightly weathered after a long walk; a great feeling.



Keeping you mobile

Walking is good for working your muscles without putting too much pressure on your joints which can be problematic with running. Walking also enables you to tackle some routes you might not want to run. For example we walked a 21km circuit in Mt Hotham recently. If you were a seasoned off road runner you could run it but I had far more fun walking it. One of the great ways to keep your bones strong and help prevent bone deterioration is exercise. This combined with the right diet helps promote bone health.

Seeing the sights and sounds

Take a camera, load up a backpack, leave the ipod at home and get close to nature. Walking is perfect for this and you can find some fantastic spots off the beaten track. Very recently I was walking in Cape Schanck and an echidna pottered out right in front of me. I find walking relaxing and it is as much about the mental break as it is the physical exercise.

The Huts Walk, Mount Hotham

Huts WalkOne of our favourite walks is the Huts Walk in the alpine ranges around Mount Hotham. This is a fantastic 21km walk to undertake on a beautiful sunny day (definitely don’t try this in the snow!).

The walk circumnavigates many of the ski fields in Hotham and visits some of the historic huts so, along with pushing your fitness, it also enables you to take in some of the history of the area.

The walk starts from the Loch Car Park just outside of the main Hotham village. Walk along the Great Alpine Road until you drop in to the ranges at the Davenport Access Track. It’s well worth taking the detour to visit the Silver Brumby hut near the Blue Ribbon chair, a great example of a mountain hut.

The walk generally is undulating but the 1.4km up to Spargo’s hut really gets the heart racing and you get some great views. Walk from the river in the valley floor right up to the peak. If you’re a keen skier you’ll be very familiar with the Orchard and Gotcha lifts so it’s great to see these as you wander by.

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