September 27, 2017

Sydney Olympic Park

Sydney Olympic ParkNow you don’t need to be Cathy Freeman to run at Sydney Olympic Park but it definitely inspires you knowing she won gold here. I’m convinced I was quicker than normal!

Sydney Olympic Park is based in Homebush, about 15km from Sydney CBD, and a short train ride away. It’s a great place to visit to get site of the stadiums and sporting grandeur of Australia. There are some fantastic runs, walks and bike paths around the park and you take in the stadiums, bushland and parks. It’s very flat with the odd, very small, hill so you feel fast and a little bit like Cathy…perhaps.

I ran a mixture of the Olympic Circuit and Parklands Circuit so approximately 11km in total. I started near the hotels on Olympic Boulevard and headed north to the park; then ran towards Wentworth Park and cut in to Badu Mangroves. This part of the run is beautiful and quite remote but beware depending on the time of day you run. I ran at dusk and paid the price after being eaten alive by the local mosquito population.

Head through the Mangroves to Bicentennial Park where there is a good viewing platform of the park. Finally head past the golf centre and tennis stadium back to the start.

The great thing about this run is that you can adapt it as you see fit and there are lots of different routes you can take. It is almost impossibl eto get lost; if you’re unsure where you are look up, there aren’t many high rises in Olympic Park and so you should be able to navigate yourself back to the hotels and the ANZ stadium easily.

As mentioned earlier this area isn’t just great for running, it is perfect for walking so get out there and believe you’re an Olympian!

For more information on the runs click here and for more info about Olympic Park go to the Sydney Olympic Park website.


Sydney Olympic Park Runs and Walks


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