September 27, 2017

About Run Rabbit

Marathon finishRun Rabbit has been set up for all you walkers, joggers and runners out there who need hints, tips and advice.

Whether you need some help in doing that first run or want to know how to cool down, Run Rabbit is here to help…..hopefully!

After helping out and training a few friends, I decided to set up a ‘blogsite’ to give advice to everyone. So here we are!

I live in Sydney, Australia and love running (really love it, almost more than chocolate). I also am a big skiing nut, enjoy diving and am somewhat obsessed by Formula 1.

My passion for running started in my late teens and it has grown ever since. To date I have completed five marathons and loads of 5k’s, 10k’s and half marathons. However, I am no elite runner (I enjoy chocolate too much for that), I just love running, the challenge and the buzz you feel after a great run.

I am also a qualified personal trainer, registered with Fitness Australia. I love inspiring people to get fit and reach their goals.

So keep jumping round the blog and please do post your feedback and ask questions – they might end up on a blog coming your way soon.

Chase that carrot!